Stanley Brothers Take Two: When First Swing Equals Grand Slam, What Arises With A Next At Bat?

As our nation gets prepared for its ‘new normal’, whatever that really means, consumers will likely be stretching their dollars as never before. Consumers will likely seek cost effective,  alternative methods for mind, body and spiritual relief, one of which could be CBD and the seemingly endless supply of products in which it is an ingredient.

With near consensus on the benefits of whole plant medicine, it’s a good time to reconsider THC as a ‘health’ NOT a ‘high component’. After having spent some time with Joel Stanley in London at the Centre for Medical Cannabis in London during EuroCannabis week last year, I looked forward to following up after hearing rumors that the Stanley Brothers would be returning to their canna-roots with the launch of a new full-spectrum line of low-dose THC products under the brand name, ReCreate.

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